The Complete Guide to DJing & How Technology is Changing the Industry

In the late 1970s, a DJ from New York City made a revolutionary discovery. He found out that by using two identical records on two turntables, he could introduce a beat to the mix. This innovation gave birth to the art of scratching and it soon became an integral part of hip-hop.

The art of DJing is rooted in technological advancements in sound recording and reproduction technology, which included the use of magnetic tape, compact discs (CDs), digital storage devices such as USB flash drives.

A person who plays recorded music at dances, concerts, parties, or other public events.

The DJ is a very important part of any party. A DJ’s job is to play good music and keep the crowd entertained. The job of a DJ is not for everyone. It takes skill and creativity. Anyone who lacks these qualities will not be able to do the job well, so it’s important that DJs are selected with care.

There is no specific education that you need to become a DJ but it does take some time to practice the trade-craft of djing before you are ready for your first gig!

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