The Complete Guide to DJI Mavic Pro

The DJ’s role is to take control of the sound system to provide music for a live event. The functions of the job are centered on the use of music and different technologies to produce desired effects.

Many DJs are also producers who create new songs or remixes of existing songs in their own style, which they then sell or distribute under their name.

DJs typically work in nightclubs, at events when live bands cannot be present, at raves, in bars, at private parties and when producing playlists for radio stations or cafes.

DJs are people who play recorded music at events for dancers and other attendees. Sometimes they also mix the music live, using two or more record players. There are two types of DJs: disc jockeys (DJs) that play recorded music; and DJ mixers who use multiple sound sources like turntables, CD players, digital audio workstations to create live mixes.


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